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Men's Grooming service

Men don’t usually have the best habits when it comes to skin care. When you take that lack of skin care and add on irritation and damage from a daily shaving routine, your skin can be left in some pretty bad shape. To solve this, you don’t want to go to a normal salon, because they don’t specialize in men’s skin care like our professional stylists do here at Legendary Cuts Barbershop. Our facial and skin treatment is designed specifically to help cleanse and renew men’s skin. Even if you actually care for your skin on a regular basis, our treatment will give your face a deeper and more thorough clean than you get from any home skin care products.


Master Barber Chuck Nice has over 25 years of experience and prides himself in providing the best in all grooming and barbering services. Schedule an appointment and add one of the following VIP treatments to any service:


  • Hot Towel Shave

  • Facial

  • Razor detailing


If you're looking for a clean, comfortable barber shop in Austin, TX, come to Legendary Cuts Barbershop. Call or stop by for more information today.

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